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              All nursing students need to be immunized to prevent the spread of infection to others, according to recommendations from the National Vaccine Institute and MOPH. Therefore, the FON has coordinated with the primary care unit, Songklanagarind Hospital, to plan and manage immunization of nursing students from Year 1-4 to complete the program as specified, as the picture below shows the flow chart of providing student nursing obligated vaccination that include HBV, Varicella, MMR, DT, Influenza vaccine and tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray.

              Results of obligated vaccination of student nursing have no incident of risky disease. In addition, the first dose of MR was financial subsidized by university hospital, and the less of them are paid by student nursing. For prevent Covid-19 pandemic of student nursing, the students were urged to get at least 3 doses of the coronavirus vaccine, almost 100% in the 2nd-4th year. For the freshman got at least 2 dose more than 80%. The corona vaccine and antigen test kit were financial supported by university hospital and university.

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