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Nursing dormitory

              The faculty offers up to 800 beds in two dormitory buildings for nursing students of second, third, and fourth year and other students from others faculties (if there is enough room left). Building No.1 has 5 floors, 120 rooms and building have 9 floors, 272 rooms. Students' residences are just a few minutes’ walk from the main faculty of nursing buildings. For the freshman, they are allocated in university student dormitory within 15 min. by walk or catch the university electric bus within 3-5 min. The students have privacy within a safe, friendly, and lively learning environment.

             90% of student nursing stay in the nursing dorm. However only a few 10% preferred stay in the apartment outside. Which also save for them and not far from FON. In covid-19 pandemic, FON reduced dormitory fee 20% in healing student nursing.

             The student dormitories, which are supervised by faculty staff and guarded round the clock by security officers, provide desks, beds, and mattresses, Wi-Fi Internet access, activities rooms in each floor of building No.2, co-working space, 7-11 convenience store 24 hrs., food courts, fax and copy shop, laundry, coin washing machine 24 hrs. and barber shop. Put emphasized cleanliness, elevator and security by outsource company. Moreover, there prepared 16-20 isolation rooms of the both dorms for student that need to isolate from other people, for example infected covid-19 etc.

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