Assoc. Prof. Dr. SOPEN CHUNUAN

Research areas :
Maternal and Newborn Nursing

Publications :
1   Factors Associated with Depression among Pregnant Teenagers
2   The Development of Cooperative Learning Using Jigsaw Activities for Learning Achievement and Self-directed Learning Behaviors of Master Nursing Students.
3   Effects of the Maneevej Exercise Technique with Pranayama Breathing on Labor Pain and Duration of Labor in Primiparous Women
4   The Relationships among Self-Control, Stress and Life Balance of Teenage Pregnant Women
5   Effects of a Self-Efficacy Enhancement Program on Dietary and Exercise Behaviors among Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
6   The development and evaluation blended model in teaching independent study of master of nursing science students
7   Factors Affecting the Participation of Maternal and Child Health Promotion among Village Health Volunteers in Lower-Southern Provinces
8   Effects of Listening to Holy Quran and Zikrullah Recitation on Stress and Physiological Stress Responses Among Muslim Pregnant Women with Premature Uterine Contractions: A Randomized Controlled Trial
9   The Process of Enhancing the Harmony Life of Teenage Pregnant Women: Having a Complete Life and Being Self-Reliance
10   Prenatal Attachment Among Thai Pregnant Adolescents: A Qualitative Study
11   Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of Self-Efficacy in Performing Maternal Role for First Time Pregnant Adolescents in Indonesia
12   Effect of Childbirth Preparation Program with Continuous Labor Support on Labor Pain of First-Time Teenage Pregnant Women
13   Development of the buddhist-based spiritual health of Thai university students instrument
14   Cultural Competence Perspectives from Nurses in Four Asian Countries: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
15   Family System Functioning in Caring for Thai Survivors with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
16   The Effects of Resilience-Enhancing Nursing Program on Life Goals Among Pregnant Teenagers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
17   Nurses’ Competencies in Promoting, Supporting, and Protecting Breastfeeding as Perceived by Nurses and Postpartum Mothers
18   Effect of the Attitude Enhancement Program with the Spouse’s Involvement on Birth Spacing Intention among Muslim Teenage Postpartum Mothers
19   Effects of Competencies Developing Program for Nurses in Promoting, Supporting, and Protecting Breastfeeding in Southern Thailand
20   Developing and evaluating the Teen-Strong life skills programme in Southern Thailand
21   Development of a Service System for Women with an Unplanned Pregnancy at Rattaphum Hospital, Songkhla Province
22   Promoting Health of Muslim Women During Antepartum, Intrapartum, and Postpartum Periods
23   Factors Influencing Decision-Making for Cesarean Section among Primigravidae
24   Factors Related to Risk Management Behaviors of Professional Nurses: A Case Study of Hatyai Hospital
25   Survey of Husband Participation in Caring for Pregnant Muslim Teenagers
26   Perceptions of Nursing Educators and Alumni of an Effective Preparation Programme for the Indonesian National Nursing Licensure Examination
27   Factors Predicting Intention to Use contraceptive lmplants Among Pregnant Adolescents in Lower Southern Thailand: A Cross-sectional Study
28   Effectiveness of a Nurse-led Program to Enhance Self-efficacy of Pregnant Adolescents and Reduce their Fear of Childbirth: A Randomized Controlled Trial
29   Effects of Southern Traditional Massage with Warm Compression on Location and Breast Engorgement: A Randomized Controlled Trial
30   Parental Care for Unplanned Pregnant Adolescent Daughters: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
31   Effectiveness of Interactive Learning Via Multimedia Technology with Family Support Program among Pregnant Women with Anemia: A Quasi-Experimental Study
32   Spontaneous Abortion is a Trail of Muslim Women's Faith in Allah: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
33   Factors Affecting the Sexual Health Protection of Female Adolescents in Vocational School
34   Developing a Health Promotion Model for Pregnancy Women by Using Yoga
35   A Predictive Model of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Intention Among Young Women in Southern Thailand
36   Why do pregnant women prefer cesarean birth? A qualitative study in a tertiary care center in Southern Thailand
37   Effect of Social Support Program on Psychosocial Adaptation Among Women of Advanced Maternal Age
38   Predictors of Intention to Obtain HPV Vaccination among Thai Female College Students
39   The Effects of a Resilience Enhancing Nursing Program on Depression among Pregnant Teenagers
40   Thai Women's Experience in Using Reiki for Self-care in Southern Thailand
41   Characteristics of Abortions in Southern Thailand
42   Flipped Classroom Learning Experiences of Graduate Nursing Students in Advanced Pathophysiology in Midwifery Course
43   Application of the R2D2 Model for Active Learning Strategy in Graduate Midwifery Course
44   Development and Evaluation of a Preparation Model for the Indonesian Nursing Licensure Examination: A Participatory Action Research
45   Stress and Stress Managements of Women Who Had Lost their Husbands During Pregnancy from the Situation of Unrest in Three Southern Border Provinces
46   Factors Influencing Eating Behaviors Among Teenage Pregnant Women
47   The Relationships Among Family Relationship, Sexual Value, Peer Group, Future Orientation Self-Control and Sexual Health Protection of Adolescents at Risk
48   Enhancement of the Attitude Adjustment Program on Birth Spacing for Muslim Teenage Postpartum Mothers