Research areas :
Adult and Elderly Nursing
Nursing care for patient with cancer
Nursing care for patient with critical illness

Books :
2018 Nursing Care for Adult and Elderly III
2020 Pathophysiology for Nurses I, II
2015 Emotional Support and Relaxational Breathing Program on Stress and Coping Among Injured Patients in Arrest Area
2007 Nutrition Assessment in Patients with Long-term Mechanical Ventilation
2011 Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline for Enteral Feeding in Patients with Traumatic Critical Ill

Publications :
1   Inter-Professional-Compassionate pain management duringendotracheal suctioning: a valuable lesson from a Chinese surgical intensive care unit
2   Persistent post-surgical pain and its relationship to health-related quality of life in Pakistani women after breast cancer surgery
3   Emergency Medical Service in the Unrest Area of three Southern Thai Border Provinces: A Literature Review
4   Lifelong Learning Competency of Nursing Students, Supporting and Obstacle Factors Related to Lifelong Learning Competency Development
5   Development and Evaluation of the Emergency Department Traumatic Wound Pain Management Guidelines
6   Relationship Between Symptom Experiences, Symptom Management, and Stroke Severity of Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
7   Psychosocial Needs among Indonesian Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
8   Predicting Factors of Community Integration Among Persons with Major Trauma
9   Relationship Between Cardiac Rehabilitation Behaviors and Quality of Life Among Patients Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
10   Healthcare Service Providers' Perspective on Provision of Emergency Medical Services in Security Zones: A Qualitative Study
11   Health practices for hypertensive prevention and control among members of the elderly health promotion and rehabilitation center
12   Continum of care management for victims and families assaulted in the social unrest, southern Thailand: A situation analysis
13   Coping and Burden of Indonesian Family Caregivers Caring for Persons with Schizophrenia.
14   Relationships between triage knowledge, training, working experiences and triage skills among emergency nurses in East Java, Indonesia.
15   Perception of Thai nursing students and faculty's competence toward caring for culturally diverse clients.
16   Perception of Thai Nursing Students and Faculty's Competence toward Caring for Culturally Diverse Clients
17   Cultural Competence in Nursing: Concept to Practice
18   Breast Cancer Awareness among Indonesian women at Moderate to high Risk
19   Pain, Activities of Daily Living and Community Integration of Survivors With Major Trauma in Lower Southern Region: A Preliminary Study
20   The development of a culturally sensitive educational programme to increase the perception, self-efficacy, and practice of Thai Moslem women regarding breast self-examination (BSE)
21   Trauma Careinprehospital, Emergency Department, and Inter-Facility Transfer: A Literature Review
22   Effect of preoperative self-efficacy pain education program on self-efficacy to report pain, pain intensity, and pain interferences among patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial surgery.
23   Mental Health Status and Health-Related Quality of Life among Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Patients in Thailand: A Multi-Site Study
24   Nurse's Attitude and Perception Towards Medical Cannabis Legalization in Thailand